Foreclosure Home Maintenance

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Homes are most people’s biggest investment, and it makes sense to take proper care of them right from the start. Most people do their best to keep up with home maintenance to make their daily living better and more enjoyable as well as protect the investment they made in their home. Even so, there is always something that needs to be done on a house. People who are facing foreclosure generally have fewer resources to spend on home maintenance, so, usually; houses in foreclosure need home maintenance even more so than other houses do.

In addition to the minor repairs that most houses need, foreclosure home maintenance may include repairs that go beyond the typical handyman-special repairs that are a normal part of owning, buying, or selling a home.

Just about any home, foreclosure home or otherwise is going to have some or all of these common home repair needs:

• Holes in walls – it is quite common to see small holes in drywall. If there are any in your home, they should be fixed.
• Cracks – lots of homes have cracks in the sidewalks or on walls or on floor or bathroom tiles. Those are hardly even noticeable when you live with them day in and day out, but others who are looking to purchase a home notice things like that immediately.
• Leaks – If your kitchen or bathroom faucets leak, they should be repaired.
• Improperly fitted doors – Sometimes the doors of kitchen cabinets or
• Bathroom vanities don’t close exactly correctly. Usually, replacing a hinge will do the trick.

If you intend to invest in an REO property, you are almost certainly guaranteed to be taking on foreclosure home maintenance. The above minor repairs are likely to be a part of the package, and you also may face more major repairs. Foreclosure home maintenance needs often include:

1. Roof repair
2. Foundation repair
3. Major appliance repair or replacement
4. Window replacement
5. Wood rot replacement

Even though the thought of having to do major repairs may seem daunting, the price of foreclosed property may make the investment in foreclosure home repair worth the cost and effort. Of course, you should be cautious and seek professional advice before buying any property, foreclosed or otherwise or in need of repair or not.

When you do become a homeowner, whether you purchase an REO property or make a more traditional purchase, you should always keep your home’s value as high as possible by keeping up with repairs and maintenance, but since the whole reason behind foreclosures is financial, you should expect your foreclosure home purchase to come with a list of foreclosure home maintenance issues.

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