How to Perform a Hook Bowling Ball

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How to Perform a Hook Bowling Ball

Summary: Hook bowling ball might be harder than you think. But cool pointers may make it easier than you could imagine. Read on.

Hooks are trademarks of advanced players. Hey, I am talking here about successful hooks, not hooks to the gutter or hooks that miss the majority of pins. I am talking here of hooks that wipe out pins. Novice players may create a hook but by large it is accidental. Experience players throw hooks intentionally.

A hook bowling ball is a devastating technique because it allows a hit in the broad area of the pin arrangement that may result in a strike. That’s why in tournament matches, hook bowling balls are often used.

The type of bowling ball you use plays a significant factor on your hooks. These balls are often used to enhance the hook’s power. Until recently, balls of plastic make are often used but nowadays, bowling balls of urethane make are becoming popular. But there are also others who prefer to use reactive or particle balls. So, issue is choose a bowling ball that fits your style of play. Or better yet, have each kind of ball to fit different styles of play. You’ll never know when a specific game or condition fits a certain make of your ball.

To execute a hook bowling ball, the thumb usually goes first and followed by the fingers. The fingers are by large responsible for the rotation and the thumb the direction of the rotation. So start by placing your thumb in such way that it points like an 11 o’clock hand. The mild vertical tilt of the thumb will effect a hook. As you release the bowling ball, always be mindful of where your thumb is pointing.

Keep your wrist moderately firm during release. During this time, you can attempt a stronger hook power by applying more tug with your fingers or you could displace the bowling ball further with your armswing. Depending on the tactic you wish to employ, ball control falls solely to you thumb, fingers, and arms. But don’t neglect delivery and approach. Proper from also contributes to every successful throw.

In a nutshell, hook bowling ball are initiated by the thumb and powered by the fingers. After a while, if you have a firm idea of thumb and finger placements, you can execute your hooks in varying degrees effectively. Balls also have some defining factor to your hooks. So it’s very important to have your custom fitted ball.

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