Log Siding: Learning the Basics

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Log Siding: Learning the Basics

Are you thinking of building a new home for your family? What about a log home? Is the idea of living comfortably in a log home appeal to you? Well, a log home doesn’t have to appear like all logs from all sides. In today’s modern society, there are a lot of alternatives to use for a home to look like a log home, and one of the most well-known is the so-called log siding.

On the most basic, a log siding is made out of wood logs. It is made of natural wood, thus it’s no surprise to know that log siding has the capability to render a warm and enduring beauty. They are typically considered and used by homeowners and builders who want to make their homes look like a traditional log cabin simply for the reason that log siding has all the advantages of a comfortable living.

Just like the other types of siding, a log siding comes in a number of forms. They vary according to style, sizes and shapes. And, in today’s modern world, log siding even comes in all colors and textures.

Many of the logs used for home sidings are crafted from redwood, pine, cedar and cypress trees. They are cut according to certain standards, and then treated and dried for them to reach the desired appearance. Of the manufacturing processes, the drying plays the most important part. It is needed simply for the reason that it allows the logs to become lighter, which holds the key to easy installation and maintenance.

There is more to drying than what is mentioned above. According to some home building experts, the drying also helps to lessen the shrinkage that can possibly be brought about by post-installation. It is also capable of killing all sorts of fungus and insect larva that may thrive on the wood and make your logs prone to rot.

Since log sidings are made for traditional look purposes, many of the homeowners using this home building trend install it without painting. The sidings are considered with its natural color, although some are textured for a strong appeal. Also, some of them come in rectangular shapes, although there are some variations like squares. For installation, the log sidings are often installed simply with the use of nails and some sorts of interlocking systems. There are also some instances when they are installed false corner styles, which according to many manufacturers are considered for additional accessory. Yes, the corner styles are usually the ones that provide your log home a more pleasing appearance.

However, a good option to consider, log siding comes too pricey. It is also the siding type that needs a greater level of maintenance, the reason that many of those who are planning to establish a log like home are strongly advised to be very careful when choosing logs. You can’t escape the fact that some logs are on their rotten state, while others need to be treated with regular treatment. Well, these needs actually that make this option a bit more expensive. But if cost is not a big issue to you, then you can consider log sidings and even allow contractors and builders to take care and install them for you.

So be sure to check what you really want first and how much you are willing to spend before you make a decision for your log home.

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