Metal Roofing Materials

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Metal Roofing Materials

Metal is one of the best choices for an excellent roofing material. Many houses and buildings in the United States are roofed with metal in creative styles, different bright colors and various types of metal. Metal is patronized by almost everybody for many reasons. Durability is the foremost important reason why many people continue to choose metal for their roof.

Metal roofing materials come in many forms and different sizes. There are some that are shaped according to the specification of the buyer. There are some that are painted in bold colors that help makes the entire building attractive.

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used among metal roofing materials. It is lightweight, which makes a manageable installation. This material could stand different normal weather conditions, so it last longer like any other metal. But with severe conditions that have strong gust winds this material might tear off easily. Aluminum is one of the most affordable materials and easy to maintain too.

Another kind of metal roofing material is galvanized iron. This material like aluminum is lightweight. It has a strong resistance against corrosion and fire. Galvanized iron, which is commonly called as GI sheet, is reasonably priced, which makes a better alternative for a simple yet strong roofing system.

One of the oldest types of metal roofing materials that have been used centuries ago is copper. With the advent of modern technology, copper’s prominence was challenged. Its dominion over any other roofing material has waned because homeowners and business owners today wanted a material that is so light, which copper can not match. It is interesting to note that copper still has quite a number of followers. Old churches are still roofed with copper; posh houses in high-end subdivisions have copper roofs. It is because only copper can give that green patina effect that no other metal can give. Copper is also very hard wearing. It can last for more than 30 years given the proper maintenance.

Steel, though very heavy like copper is one of the best metal roofing materials patronized by industrial plant owners. Homeowners don’t usually use steel as their roof because of its heavy weight makes it even more difficult to install. Most of all steel metal roofs are very expensive especially stainless steel.

Metal roofing materials can be bought either corrugated or flat. Some are in slate form others are shingles. There are some that are already coated and painted, while others are plain. Metals roofing is beautiful and can last for a long time good maintenance is the key.

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