Poly Foam Roofing

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Poly Foam Roofing

Having a roof made of poly foam material may not sound convincing to you. The truth is this poly foam roofing is popular only in hot climate region in the US like California. Homeowners living along the desert region will surely appreciate the benefits of poly foam roofing especially those that have flat roofs.

Polyurethane foam, a substance that is made of any polymer is the same substance that sealants, adhesives, and other synthetic-based materials are made of. Poly foam is not actually your main roofing material. It actually compliments the existing one regardless of type. Its main purpose is to insulate the substrate of roof so that heat is not trap. Poly foam is very expensive to install since in needs an expert to do the job, however there are companies, which specializes in poly foam roofing installation.

If you are bought to the idea, extra care is needed in contracting installer. Make sure that the contractor has a good standing reputation. Check for referrals if necessary. There are roofing contractors that offer a value-for-money poly foam installation. Make sure that it is adept at polyurethane foam roofing system. It has a proven track record, which is a must for roofing contractors. See to it that their personnel are well trained in this field, so you can trust them. You can be assured that what you have has high thermal resistance, seamless, lightweight and durable.

Poly foam is not difficult to maintain because it is so compact that makes it impossible for leakage. If there are any leaks, elastomeric coatings can be applied to the area to restore the material. Better still ask for advice from the company that installed your foam so that your foam will be treated carefully. Ask also if maintenance is part of the package, in that case you can save more.

The only drawback of this is when the foam is left exposed to the sun. The heat of the sun dries up the foam making it disintegrate into pieces. Before this happens, a good amount of coating is necessary to protect the foam from drying up. The pros recommend acrylic latex coating because it is affordable and easy to apply, besides it can be availed off the rack from your nearest shops.

If you must invest in foam roofing, you can ask actual experiences from the people you know in your area. You can gather more suggestion if it is worth spending and have better options. There is nothing like being careful in spending your money on foam roofing, after all a good investment in poly foam roofing is a good protection of your home.

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