Things To Know About A Windows Cleaner

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Things To Know About A Windows Cleaner

Windows cleaner is an effective tool that helps to protect your privacy, cleans up the clutter in your computer by removing garbage files.

As you use your computer, all the activities it carries out are logged in. All software programs, including Windows, keep a track of the websites you have visited – the documents you have used, and all similar activities you have performed – and store them. A Windows cleaner is a tool that removes all the document histories you have created while working on your computer, offline as well as online, including cleaning the cookies and temporary Internet files. It also cleans up all the places where Windows stores all your activities, including in the document menu and the Recycle bin. Thus it is an effective tool to enhance PC performance. With a Windows cleaner, you will never have to face the problem of your computer running slow.

A Windows cleaner helps protect your privacy by cleaning up your system. As everything you do on your computer is logged in, this is a matter of invasion of your privacy, as any one can see what you have done, and the sites you have visited. In addition, the storing of all the activities takes up a lot of disk space, and this valuable space needs to be recovered to enhance PC performance.

What Does It Do

Cleaning up your tracks by removing all the extra unwanted files, such as the application, temporary files, cleaning up the history of your activities, recovering valuable disk space, and cleaning your browser’s cache of cookies, along with your Windows tracks, the Windows cleaner is one great way to keep your computer running faster and free of error.

A Windows cleaner is a comprehensive tool that cleans up the following, among others:

• Windows history
• All Internet applications used by your web browser
• Your browser’s temporary files
• Windows temp files folder
• Registry streams
• All duplicate files
• Cookies
• The Recycle bin

Depending on the Windows cleaner you select, it can be personalized as per your preferences. You can utilize it to optimize your resources, and protect against hijacks. All cleaners provide you with a clean offline and online environment so that you don’t have to complain about your running slow.

If you have been neglecting to clean up your Windows, your folders would be saturated with, rather bloated with, files – running into thousands – those are unnecessary. These ‘overweight’ folders are carrying files that are negatively affecting the performance of your computer. There may hardly be any space left for virtual memory, or for the printer’s file, making you lose the ability to print. If you are using Windows ME or XP, you may be unable to create a system restore point, as you will need a lot of free space for its backup. All because of insufficient storage space.

To get your computer back to health, you need regular services of a Windows cleaner. Some windows cleaner are even available for a free download. Get one for your PC now and enjoy trouble free computing.

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