Wood Siding and Its Types

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Wood Siding and Its Types

Wood is the most common type of siding for a house. Homes since the early days have been using this material and it’s worth knowing that many of those who have considered wood for their sidings have obtained a great feeling of seeing their houses worth the look and the praise.

However, although wood siding is favorably preferred by thousands of homeowners and developers, many are still hesitant to using it for their main sidings. Most of their reasons are based on the fact that wood sidings attract insects and animals which may bring or create damages to the sidings, then making your home weak. The good news is that many of the wood sidings sold in today’s world market are treated with insect repellent solutions. The cedar sidings, for instance, are designed with this natural solution, so it’s no wonder that sidings made of cedar wood are stronger and more durable.

Just like the rest of the siding types, wood siding comes in a number of forms. They generally vary on the type of wood used, as well as on the size, design and color. One of the most recognized types is the so-called “clapboard siding”. This simply refers to simple and long boards of wood that are typically applied on the home façade in a horizontal way. They are also installed overlapping each other on a house, making it look like irregular in style. The clapboard style of wood siding can also be installed vertically for a more attractive look.

There is also the composition board or hardboard. This type is simply composed of adhesives and wood fiber that are compressed. They are said to be resistant to any kind of weather, making the hardboard an ideal choice for homes built in places with extreme climates. What’s nice to know about this wood siding type is that it can easily be strengthened by applying it to sheets of wood. This application can even make the wood more waterproof. So you can trust hardboard siding even at times of extreme weather.

Plywood siding is but another notable type of wood siding. As the name implies, the wood used for this application is plywood. Many have said that it is durable enough to withstand from all sorts of weather challenges, but it is less waterproof than the hardboard.

In addition, the wood siding can be classified according to shakes and singles. The shakes, on one hand, boast a rustic look and they are usually built from irregular shingles made from cedar wood. On the other hand, the shingles are machine cut and designed with uniform shapes and sizes. They are installed overlapping each other; however, there are some households that employ their own patterns for the installation. The downside of these types of wood siding though is that shakes and shingles tend to crack, warp and curl.

With all the different types, it remains practical if you’ll try to figure out first what really suit best to your home needs. If you think that hardboard or shingles carry the favor, then go for it. Be sure that whatever decision you may make, you are happy with it.

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